Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest/ Grant support and financial disclosure

  1. Any conflicts of interest including financial or personal ties to other people, businesses, or organizations that can improperly affect (bias) their work must be disclosed by all authors.


  1. Financial conflicts include, but are not limited to, work-related consultancy, stock ownership, honoraria, expert testimony that was paid for, patents or patent applications, and travel grants; all of which started within three years of the work that was submitted.


  1. Authors should declare no conflict of interest.


  1. Authors of studies who have received funding from an organization are required to sign a statement attesting to their full access to all the study's data and their full responsibility for the validity of the data they gathered and the reliability of their data analysis. This declaration must be included with the manuscript.


  1. A further obligation for reviewers is to disclose any conflicts they may have with the work they are assigned to assess.


  1. This journal publishes conflicts of interest/ grant support and financial disclosure along with all published items.